My Soul is His

I again needed to find a place where I could just speak about the love that lives in my Soul. To share this with others has become something I now realize isn’t always my hearts intention. Reason being, when you love with all your heart, it is difficult to state that to those who have yet to become fully aware of what the love of Christ entails.

To speak to others whose love is most times just a wistful promise of something they believe they should feel, yet have too little of a heart to feel much of anything, other than what they already know.

Its like asking someone whose love for Christ is potent as Niagara Falls, to understand how that feels, to someone whose love can be contained in an eye-dropper.

The match just isn’t there. So I have resigned myself to write again with You alone in mind. So that our love can be faithfully devoted to one another.

For my soul is truly yours and yours alone, as is my love for You sacred and lasting.


From the Souls Perspective

When Christ told us to love our neighbor as ourselves, His understanding of how we must love, came not from the man portion of God, but the Godly portion of His soul. His understanding came from Being fully aware of who He was with His Father, and who He was among, the men of earth.

He had to learn with the part of Him that was a man. See it reflected in those around Him. He could see their fears, as well as their doubts, laid out before Him. And it was His awareness of  His Father, living within Him, that enabled to respond to those fears and quell those doubts, and heal the  sickness of separation.

This is the model He came to show us, when He asks us to follow in His Way.

When we forget all the bodily concerns of our daily life, and seek to find the  Christ within, we too can begin to see things from the Souls perspective.

When we speak of Christ’s ability to forgive, or love, or heal, we need to forgive as He forgave, love as He loved. Because when we do these things, we are liking ourselves to His Way.

All the fears of men  from our Souls perspective are merely  illusions. Illusions that have nothing to do with the life of the Soul. They seem valid from the perspective of man, because all fears are memories of his animal survival nature. His first fear is that of the death of his body. But there are other fears he has on many levels he attributes to death. The fear of not being smart enough (mental death). Not being loved enough( emotional death). Even a subtle perceived slight, can cause a man to withdraw in anger or hurt. The fear can be felt when man doesn’t get his way. It can be felt as a perceived injustice…all temporay feelings ..all valid in the moment…but as the Soul knows, that moment isn’t real, because those feelings don’t get recorded in the Souls memory. Only what is true, good, and lasting, lives in the memory of the SOUL. All else is seen as something that will pass, as quickly as man will allow it.

Christ easily forgives us. Why? because He is well aware that man lives mostly in the temporary. That survival on earth almost demands it. That even love, can’t be given by man, without some  need for it to be returned, so that he can know he is accepted. When one begins to Love Christ as his Soul, its only then, that man truly feels His Worth. Christ doesn’t need to be loved, He is ALL LOVE. What He does ask of us, is to Love as He Loves. And in order to do that, shouldnt we know what that kind of LOVE IS, from the  perspective of  the SOUL?

Man can be lifted out of the temporary, by  his complete acceptance of Christ. That is why many believe they are saved IN Him. But can they understand how He LOVES?  How can His command to love one another as SELF begin? It can begin by committing oneself to the Love of Christ, more than to anything that is temporary. That means we must Love Him, above all else. For His Love to become Ours, it needs to first be SOULY HIS. And if we then want more than just His Salvation, we can grow in the understanding of His kind of LOVE. For you can’t give what you don’t know. And you can’t know, if you have no  need to know. But if you do wish to follow His commandment to love each other as SELF, shouldnt we know first what the Self in man truly IS? Shouldnt we know what kind of LOVER, CHRIST IS , IN US?

Christ Isn’t A Romantic

 The heart of a romantic is more one engaged in the love of love. Christ is not that. Christs love is not that of a romantic heart. It truly can’t be found in Shelly or Keats. Or for that matter, in most of the poetry of the Romantic Era. A time when flowery verse, and modest gestures spoke of love.

Nor can His Heart be likened to one of sorrow or sympathy, for that was left for His Mother to express.

The Heart of Christ is more the Heart of  a Lover whose arms are like wings, providing  comfort and strength, because His wings are solid in the LOVE OF TRUTH. When you are held in His Truth, love is its effect. Not a whimpering love or the cooing of a dove. But more the wings that soar like a Phoenix, who is not a myth, but a TRUTH.

He doesn’t whisper sweet nothings in your ear, so that you to feel loved. His love strengthens you, while it feels sweet. It comforts you, while you feel protected in its strength.  His WORD is His bond, because no lie can live where He IS.

Christ has been seen as a myth to some. As a religion to others. As a threat to many. And what threatens people is that He is not a myth, nor a religion..but rather a spiritual experience. A conversion in thought. A possession of character. He becomes visible, in you, through truth. This is how you can know the difference between the romantic and the reality of His being.

Without  His truth in you, your love will always be more a hope or a dream, a wish or a whisper. With His TRUTH living within you…His love becomes your ROCK.

Secularism / God

As I listened to Al Gore speak against people eating meat, my first thought was of God. Whether one believes in God or not, we can be certain there is such a thing called Mother Nature. She is a part of what determines our life on earth. And her actions can certainly make folks look to something greater than themselves(God). 

Not knowing Mr Gores personal view of a deity, I can only surmise, his God is a lesser one. Why? Well, it has always been my understanding, that man was given dominion over all of Gods creatures. And because of that, man has since seen himself as top dog in the pecking order of natures offspring. This, from a secularists point of view was a  power given to man. From a more spiritual perspective, ala Francis Assisi, all creatures of God, have a part in Gods overall plan. That is why so many enlightened masters tell us, that even the movement of a rock, can awakened a previously unenlightened man.

 What seems to have emerged out of this new secularist belief  is, the meaning of  stewardship. From a spiritual perspective, stewardship in likened to that of a Good Shepard. In the hands of a secularist, it became  a power tool of control. What God gave men as a blessing, the secularist took as a replacement of  religion. And he named his religion “global warming.

Now, in my mind, the term “global warming” says something good. I could take it to mean a shift towards more warmth or ( love) in the world. But that one statement alone, could have me taken off to a luny-bin in the world of Gore. So lets just make like I never said it. Instead, lets just look at how global warming in a Godless society can mean control.

Those who believe in God, are taught to better themselves through discipline, love, and good character development. They have a God who gave them FREE CHOICE. Gave them freedom to assess the needs of the earth, as well as the needs of heaven. He gave them a way to look up.  And with the development of good character, they would naturally become good stewards of the earth, on which they live. God expects each individual to do good, He never forces anything on man. He never asked man to do anything “en mass”. For that would establish something more like a religion! And that’s exactly what  secularism has established, with this belief.

These same people look down on believers of God? They see them as  ignorant! Believing in something that there is no proof of!  Yet within the scientific community, statistics differ?  With man, facts like numerical statistics, can be used to prove either side. Hence science itself, is as much theory as it is fact. Secularist says they wish to help Mother Nature by controling the habits of man. While God, doesn’t even impose such restrictions. And as for Mother Nature? I believe she’s also part of a greater plan. Oddly enough, there are those who have been foretelling of the end of times. Expecting more than the usual happenings on the earth. In the form of  more severe  hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and the like, have taken their cue from  biblical predictions. While at the same time, secularists use science as their prophet. So are they not both, prophets of doom? 

I believe Christ never left His people. If anything, it was the other way around. I also believe,  God loves man, more than man loves man. God forgives more, man seeks to correct and restrict, more.

And that’s the argument I propose to the global warming religious. We are all here to take care of what has been given us. It seems to me, those who have a lesser belief in a God greater than themselves, have a higher opinion of  mans personal power. Just ask a politician.

I am completely in favor of caring for the earth. Of taking care of all that God has given me. But that might not mean, I like the new mercury filled light bulbs, better than the old ones. It might also mean, that not everything man comes up with, is always good. That demanding man to eat less meat, to save trees is the only answer. Nor does controlling the earths environment, necessarily, mean good stewardship. Maybe the best cure for the earth, is for man to get out of  her way.  But hey! This is indeed a country based upon freedom of religion, so why not let the secularists have theirs! As long as they don’t want to forcefully convert me with their religious dogma. Or use statistics, that differ, based upon what they want to conclude!

My belief in God tells me, never to abuse, another nor myself. It also tells me, not to impose my will, on what He has already deemed good. If we want to clean up our world, why not improve on our character? Then all men will be good shepherds. Then we wont need to be forced to do what is right,  for the benefit of the whole. We will automatically do what is right, for the good of all who seek heavens blessings from God, on earth.

All Is Not Lost… with God

As I listen to the troubles facing our world. People starving in places where their own people, don’t care. I look to a Country which is visibly blessed. We have taken for granted, the gift our founders seemed to have, more easily understood. They knew in their hearts what was right, for they were men of good will. Men who had already been forced to believe in a Church, established out of the desires of an earthly King.

 They knew, that  freedom was a gift of God. Not given from one man to another. That belief is called slavery. They knew how precious freedom is, when it is given to them by their God. They knew in order to preserve the  principles of all men, freedom could only come from a King greater than all men, God!

When men lose the concept of something greater than themselves, they lose their Higher purpose.  And too many weak egos, wont allow themselves to believe in anything , for fear, they may seem like fools!

 How can anyone believe in something they can’t see?  If that were true, then how can a scientist even begin his work?  They ask, how can I believe more, in a spiritually religious concept, and in the science,  I already know works? What fool, is telling you to separate the two? Why can’t both be part of Gods wonderment?

Why cant one seek God, through intellectual thought?  Why cant reason be ones guide, to the discovery of a miracle?  Doesnt science use certain formulas to find the source? Is not God invisible, until you find Him? Isnt science seeking  THE particle of where life begins? Why then do they call it the “God particle?”

The only problem science has given man, is that it has taken over mans collective intelligence. Just as the Native Indians knew much through instinct. Their opposites believed in their knowledge, more!

 What exactly does man look towards, when science tells him they can’t do any more? What gives man the strength he needs, in situations where he feels his courage failing? What is it, if not something greater than himself? What is it when all is lost, if not God?

God is that small voice that tells us to go ahead and do something, “we’re afraid of”. Who exactly has the fear, and who does not? Who or what, is urging us on to go beyond our fear? Is that not something greater than ourselves? Is that a product of science? Are we in that moment, just a molecular compound at best? What good would come to us, if we simply were a theory, or a poem, or a product of  some unresolved problem in “math”, at a moment that means life or death?

Man can fool himself into not wanting  to believe in something greater than himself. He can wish to divide and separate science, from all spiritual reality. However, he will know of God, when his  moment comes. When he needs to grasp something more, than his own limits allow. When his ego is no longer in danger of being seen as a fool. When his need for strength, requires more than he has to give. When he can face his demise, and know there is more awaiting him. 

All is never lost, when we seek ALL THAT IS. All is never lost, when we give over all we have, to the Sacrament of Life. All is never dark, when the Light of Christ awaits us to draw upon Him. For all is never lost, with God. Nor is any man, when he realizes he can never be greater than the  SUM OF ALL WHO IS… CHRIST/ GOD!

As I read something in the Bible today, for the first time in my life, I saw it from the mind of a cynic. God has blessed me, in this way. For me to understand anything, I first have to have a taste of it. So today, I was introduced to the mind of a cynic.

The mind of a cynic , is based upon the lack of trust. It lacks of trust of others, but truly its themselves they have little faith in. They wont accept any belief, that could even slightly suggest something GOOD can take hold.

What the mind of a cynic doesn’t have, is true, self-confidence. Oh he can fool anyone with his so-called acquired knowledge. Yet his main focus of that knowledge is hell-bent on disapproval of something he sees as accepted by the ignorant masses. Therefore, he sees everything from a rather pre-judged perspective. He lacks the courage to believe in anything,another may claim as true. He is more than just a doubting Thomas. He is a Thomas who fears even the possibility of something called a spiritual truth!

Just listen to those in the media…where too much cynicism is passed off, as intelligence. In fact, in an attempt to teach college students “critical thinking”, too many colleges have instead, filled undeveloped minds, with cynicism instead.

How many times have you heard on TV, pundits suggest one good thought, only to have it immediately be buried under cynicism, before its allowed to take its first breath.

 The cynical mind wants and needs a lot of attention. It gains even more attention, if someone trys to show them any good. Its like their invitation to open up the flood waters of denial!

The cynical mind, prefers to believe, there is no way out, or up. That anything good, must be evil in disguise. It seeks to nest in an attitude of disagreeableness, than have to courage to seek higher ground.

The saddest part of having a cynical mind, is that it prevents one from truly knowing how to love. One can’t love anything, if you fear it more than trust it. 

One can’t love, if they believe every good done for them, has an ulterior motive. Nor can they express the best part of themselves, if they believe being good, is being a fool!.

The cynical mind of man, sees itself as humanity protector. It believes its expression is one of an intelligent human being. It believes its existence, is to make sure no one falls for the truth! It sees what others may call a miracle, as nothing more than a weakness in the intelligence of man. It believes religion or anything religious, as a set up, for a weak-minded humanity. It believes everyone motives for good, are selfish. And that there isn’t such a thing, as THE GOODNESS OF TRUTH! It can’t believe in TRUTH, for it has little faith in its existence. For in TRUTH, there is an inherent GOOD. 

A cynical mind fears good, as it fears  Absolute TRUTH. It has to, for if it ever allowed the light to enter into it, it would have to face its greatest fear.

The fear that it will be NO MORE!


Christ is NOT a Jealous God!

It amazes me how little some Evangelical Christians know about Christ. The other day, I tuned in to see Rick Perry’s call to Prayer. And I support anyone who calls upon God, in honor of Him. And while I was listening to those praising His name, I also heard them use the term “Our God is a Jealous God”.

I couldn’t believe  those words, being applied to Christ! I believe some of His followers have no clue, to who He really is?

I also believe they never hear themselves, or what comes out of their mouths. To say the God of love, is jealous, is to misrepresent anything He stands for!

To me, love has more meaning than just mouthing the words. And how can you  love someone, if you don’t even know them? So I would suggest, before any Christian makes the claim to loving God, they first get to know who and what they are committing to love.

They should first ask themselves, if they would want to marry a jealous man? And if they say yes, than do they believe jealousy means love? Jealousy, is a possessive negative term. It comes from a persons  insecurity.  It has nothing to do with Christ, or with love.

Maybe a better term should be a “faithful God”. God wants us to be faithful to Him. He asks us to love others as we love ourselves, so jealousy is obviously not a correct term to utter, when one speaks of Christ.

 The God they are claiming to love while using Christs name, is instead an angry and possessive God.

So I would ask all people who claim to Love Christ, to first get to know  and understand,His character. Before they commit the energy of their prayers, to something other than who they think they are addressing!