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My Soul is His

I again needed to find a place where I could just speak about the love that lives in my Soul. To share this with others has become something I now realize isn’t always my hearts intention. Reason being, when you love with all your heart, it is difficult to state that to those who have yet to become fully aware of what the love of Christ entails.

To speak to others whose love is most times just a wistful promise of something they believe they should feel, yet have too little of a heart to feel much of anything, other than what they already know.

Its like asking someone whose love for Christ is potent as Niagara Falls, to understand how that feels, to someone whose love can be contained in an eye-dropper.

The match just isn’t there. So I have resigned myself to write again with You alone in mind. So that our love can be faithfully devoted to one another.

For my soul is truly yours and yours alone, as is my love for You sacred and lasting.


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