For years I questioned why so many in my family, were striken with panic attacks? All pronounced Christians. For years, I wondered why their belief in God/Christ, didn’t aleviate their anxiety? How can you believe in Him as your comforter, your strength, and your courage, and still be filled with fear?

I could easily understand this disorder, for those who don’t claim to love Christ, much less believe in Him. Because all they have to hold onto, are the same mental, and physical limits, that create their anxiety in the first place. 

Much like the secularist, who places little credence in things that are Gods. Or the atheist, whose life goal is to deny the existence of something they don’t believe in , in the first place. Without Christ, no one has a valid, valuable WAY UP. Much less OUT!

Before Him, I sought the world to acknowledge my accomplishments. I had faced many of my insecurities, always with the belief, that in doing so, I became a soldier of Christ. Fear, and the overcoming of fear, was seen as an  opportunity to grow greater in God. I used Him both to lean on, as well as seeing His strength, grow greater in me.

Just as with any other learning, the more I applied what I learned , the more I advanced in my  commitment to Him, my Highest Self. The more I gave Christ the lead in my life, the more He took over control. Then one day, I no longer feared the world. My fear was no more. For I had faced all my fears, in His Name. And when the last fear was dealt with, it was then, that the Bridegroom cometh. He was able to claim me as His. For He can not live, in fear. Nor can He come alive, in anyone who fears more, the things of the world, than LOVES HIM!

It’s because of this experience, that I can say, that believing in Christ, is only the beginning. It is how we become greater than who we believe ourselves to be. And it’s because He can’t LIVE where fear exists in an individual…that with HIM…. panic can never live, where He is.

Fear, and panic, are symptoms of the body’s response to the things of the world. It is the egos way of survival. With Christ, our Soul is aware that its ETERNAL. And because of this understanding, our focus changes to the things that are of God. We become more concerned with TRUTH for we already know we are loved. We seek to more to exemplify the VIRTUES OF CHRIST, for they are everlasting. We no longer see words like INTEGRITY-HONESTY-SINCERITY as just words. We become them. We become GRATEFUL for all that is given us. Be it a crumb of bread, or a Pillar of God.  We begin to see these words made flesh in our own BEING. We become closer to the likeness that is our God. And because of this focus, nothing of the earth can ever again, take hold of our HEART.


What I have noticed happening in our Country for many years now, with the increase of Government, is the lack of Principles in its people. And although many secularist, atheists, and the like claim not to need God to be ethical, I believe we can see the results of that thinking. What has been taught in colleges and other institutions of learning, is the idea that ethical behavior is SITUATIONAL! From this perspective, can you see how ones ethical behavior, can become confused?

Ethics is taught with examples of “what would you do?” Rather than calling  on “who would you be?” The first requires an outward assessment of a situation, while the latter requires personal responsibility, as well as a choice of character. The difference again, is the first is an attempt to teach ethics the latter is to LIVE ETHICALLY.

Secularism, also allows one to place blame. In fact, if you listen to anyone who wishes to be seen as “right” in any argument, the first thing the will feel, is a sense of losing , the next thing most people will do, is to shift that loss, by finding perceived weaknesses in the other party. Rarely will the hurt inflicted by the possible loss, be turned inward, for a better solution. The reason for this kind of NEED TO BE SEEN AS RIGHT, is called EGO. We see it in a battle of husband and wife, in brothers and sisters, and even more so, today, on the political stage.

It’s the threat of being defeated in our ideology, or our understanding of self (little i) that makes us fight for what we believe, is our existence. And its this threat to our persona, that makes us seek to place blame. We almost revert back to being children, pointing fingers, calling names, and whatever else we did to make us feel better about ourselves. It truly never makes us feel better. What instead it does, is allow us to fight another day. And fight we will, rather than seek a more peaceful levelheaded solution, of a balanced adult.

Politics does it as sport. The only problem with that is, that their fights usually wind up being our regulations. What situational ethics teaches, is that each situation calls upon a different you! And here is where I see the departure between secularism, and religious-spirituality.

With secularism, most often, ones expects change from the offending party. The offense being, a different perspective, or point of view. Secularists find fault with those who disagree, and the worst part about this kind of attitude, is that they never see themselves. They are so focused on whats wrong with the objector, that they never take a mirror to themselves. Secularists, have the luxury to remain “out of the picture”. They need not HAVE TO LOOK AT THEMSELVES. Therefore, their EGOS can remain intact. They can see themselves as the STANDARD BEARERS, ALL MUST FOLLOW. While never having to question, if in their own stubbornness to what they believe, they aren’t doing the very thing they see being done by the offending party.

Religious-Spirituality (my new self coined phrase) is a belief in developing into a being whose character can remain whole, in every situation. Who needs no ego, to defend a position, for this being stands on the principles his character has been built on! When one has INTEGRITY, one needs not to defend it, because you know who you are. One only defends a position, when you believe you don’t have it! That’s the main reason, for the fight for right! 

Spiritually-Religious beings ( people who are devoted (religiously) to their Spiritual nature (or connection to something greater then themselves)  or God!  These folks have a very different perspective. Its inward. It requires from them, personal responsibility for the way they treat themselves and others. They don’t expect change from others, instead, any change made, has to come from themselves, first. If there is a problem, they seek the answer first, within. They know that they are the change, they wish to see in the world. They don’t expect others to do anything more, than they themselves have already done. Meaning,they wouldn’t treat another, any differently than they do themselves. They don’t expect anything from others, yet they long for a better world. They question their own feelings , seeking answers, rather than expecting their partner to make the change needed for a better relationship. They seek partnership, rather than competition. There is no such thing as one-upmanship. They stand on the principle of life, and always seek a life change, rather than the easy way out, of divorcing oneself from a situation. They see every problem as an opportunity to grow deeper in their understanding of the God within. They seek no heavenly reward, instead, they seek the Highest Form of their Heavenly Character.

One asks a change from themselves to make the world a better place. The other seeks to tell others what they have to do, to make the world a better place. The choice is always yours. But only one, allows you to feel what its like to be One with the Character of God.

When Christ was asked by the Pharisees, if the people should pay the government what it asks? Christ answered them with a question. He asked “Whose picture is on that coin?”. They replied, “Caesars'”. Christ then said, render to Caesar the things that belong to him, and give all that is God, to God.

Money isn’t something of Gods. It was created by man as a tool of trade. Nature doesn’t make money. Nor does Natures God. Therefore, money or finances are not something God renders to mankind. If money were supposed to be a part of the principle of equality, than all the worlds people would have all that they need. Whats also odd is, that our currency has the motto, “In God We Trust, on it?”  God has nothing to do with making money. So there must be another meaning for why, we’re asked to TRUST IN HIM? I have yet to understand that correlation? 

I have a lot of unanswered questions, when it comes to what Government does in His Name? They allow for abortion, which is directly against His BEING.  They speak in half-truths, and at times, with downright lies, while knowing full well, the real truth. They created a system that calls upon people to be POLITICALLY CORRECT, which supports the fear of being offended, while offending MORE, THE TRUTH THAT IS OF GOD? They tell us we are broke, and then seek to spend more of the illusion, we are all wrapped up in. I believe government isn’t the place we should place our TRUST. I believe the motto that asks us to TRUST IN GOD, is never more as meaningful, as NOW.

I have learned that the only Person I can place my TRUST IN, is  my GOD…JESUS CHRIST!

Men, even with the best intentions, are imperfect. Christ is not. Government, although its purpose is to do no harm, can lose sight of who is truly in control. Power can corrupt those who believe without them, people cant do or think for themselves!!

I’ve come to realize, there are two types of gardeners:

The first gardener believes it is his work, that produces the best plantings. He will spend whatever it takes to ensure his plants get all they need to grow, healthly and strong. He will create all kinds of programs to ensure they get what they need. Even to the point of  overburdening others, so that he can feel, he has done all he could to keep them growing.

The second gardener knows, that no matter how much he cares, and tends to his plants, nature itself, is in control. This gardener believes more in Gods Plan, than in his own. He knows, that no matter how much money, time, and care he puts into his plantings, Mother Nature will always be the one in charge.  He is grateful for a good crop, becuase he is aware, that so many other elements, had to come together..for him to have a good crop. He has no time for a bigger government, for he knows, its God who gives him what he needs to survive and thrive.  

I believe more and more people will begin to see who gives us what we need? Who gave us our independent spirit. Along with a resurgence in where we are supposed to PLACE OUR TRUST.

The Thought of God

The word ” God” has greatly decreased since President Obama took office. It may be because so much was made, out of George Bush’s belief.  I believe that President Bush truly believed in what he did in his time in office. I believe most Presidents believe what they do, is for the best. But I also believe in something called a collective consciousness. It steers our country as a whole. Its part of the fight we have politically, between what could be seen, as our American right- brain, left-brain battle. And the only uniting force for our Nation, lives above the fray. The only thing that can bring us together and make us whole…is a collective thought of God.

What does the thought of God, do for mankind? It elevates us beyond the realm of man. It unites us to become more than who we are individually. I raises our spirits. It gives us comfort and security, that nothing on earth can give. It takes us beyond fear. The fear of survival, that is currently directing our Nation.

What we were missing in those years past was God as our moral compass. The moral compass America was once known for. We lost our way, because we lost our purpose in Him. And as everything has a season, we took His gift of Abundance for granted. We never thought of a day, when His gift of a good life, could come to an end. We forgot about others, and focused only on our wants and needs. We spent without gratitude. We came to believe, it was coming to us. We had people in high places, who were bad stewards of the gifts we were given. And now we see the selfishness that feeling “entitled” brings. 

We make movie stars idols, we fight to take down crosses because we have lost our way.

How could the symbol of the Cross hurt anyone? Who should feel offended? If God is at our core, no symbol relegated to His purpose, should offend. And if the Country is offended by a God of Love, what does that say about its people?

The thought of God calls us to be better than who we believe ourselves to be. It calls upon our individual link to our Divinity. It asks us to forego the mundane for the Divine. It requires us to let go of our temporary needs, and instead look to our greater purpose. What can we do, if we think as ONE? What could we accomplish? What would our responsibility be towards our neighbor? How much can we achieve, in His Name, and for His Glory? 

We are going to have to forgo the belief that those who believe in Him, don’t believe in science or technology, for it was His gift of thought, and inspirations, that allows man his greatness. What we must never forget, is that without His Life force in us, we are nothing more than an empty shell.

So if we want our Country to again become great, we must look to our purpose in Him. We must self  let go of  our  belief of “NO LONGER BEING GREAT”. Of our FEAR of others overtaking US. It’s not a matter of Americas competitiveness. It’s a matter of her Confidence and Courage! The kind of fearlessness, that only God, can create in her.

No longer should we accept politics as the source of  our moral compass. Its time we place that direction, in ourselves. If we want a better, stronger, more loving, and honest nation. A nation that speaks the truth to itself and the world…Than its time we all sign on to becoming a Nation, whose character actualizes the Good. Its time we don’t look to our neighbor to see if he’s doing the right thing. Its time we become more responsible for our thoughts and actions. If we want to rise above the belief that we can’t be who we once were. We have to reinvent who we want to be!

Will we become what the media sees us as? What the dire predictions say? Do we want to become the self fulfilling prophets of gloom and doom? Or do we have enough left within ourselves, to make the future what we want it to be? Will we choose to express our SOUL, or the nature of man, who knows nothing about His God?

I choose to exemplify Christ. I choose to express Him as GOD. And I care nothing about  those might be offended. If my God offends you, what does that say, about, who you are? If you are not a part of Gods purpose in you…that is your choice. It will affect me not, for my soul purpose is to express who He is, in me! And in doing so, unite with all those who believe as I do, in His Name.

As yourself, how far you can go in uplifting your own spirit above your fear of death and lack ? And then maybe you will look to the ONE who has already proved HIS WORTH!  



Our country is fighting for its identity. We have those on the left, who believe government is the out-reaching hand, which provides good for those in need. While those on the right, believe in being self-sufficient. And instead of a constant “hand-out”, they believe more in a “hand up”. Both have their own ideology. One believes firmly in our founding principles. While the other believes, the Constitution can’t stand the test of time. That the Constitution is too old a document, to deal with the changing issues of our time.

And although both, have two very different convincing arguments. I needed to find out, which one is closer to the truth. In order to do this, I needed to know which is based on a lasting ideal? I needed to see, if a particular issue of the day, could stand the test of time. So the genies of my mind, went to work.

They came up with a principle that went even further back in time, than our Constitution. And they landed on the Ten Commandments. Ten rules of conduct, that defined for mankind, a way to live in harmony with each other. These were given to Moses through a fiery source of inspiration. To a people who were worshiping golden calves. Who had no real moral code, yet He was inspired by something greater than himself, to deliver these principles or laws of civility.

The issue I have chosen is the Healthcare mandate. And the commandment I have aligned this mandate to, is “Thou shall not covet thy neighbors goods” 

The premise being…someone has something I want. I believe I need, and therefore I want the same for myself.  On what “principle or code of ethics is this desire based?” Equality can’t be used here, for nothing in life is ever fair or equal under the laws of man. Even if we use  the premise that this man deserves what the other person has, we don’t know the struggle, the man who has, had to suffer to get his? Should his suffering or hard work, be ignored, in the equality issue? And here is the part of the argument, I believe is most telling. Should everyone, those who may not covert the healthcare insurance, have to purchase it, because of those who do? Where is the equality in that? 

Government should not mandate charity. For Government to mandate anything, it should be based upon a principle, not an emotion. It should not affect anyone, if  it’s not good for all. And that’s where government loses its battle, in not having to follow, the virtues and principles that stand the test of time.

It’s really easy for government to stand on our country’s principles. It should begin by understanding that “we the people” aren’t much different in our humanity, than those who have gone before us. Mankind instinctively knows what is right for all. And if one wants to take from another, to do good…that should be called into question. For individual freedom, should be our first mandate. And if we truly want to do good as a government, than we can’t use a moral issue, as a matter of convience. We can’t go into Libia, to prevent slaughter, while turning a blind eye on Syria. Principles are initiated out of  virtue. If it is a principle, than it must stand the same for all. It is never a matter of dictate or mandate.

Giving someone something they want, should never cause another an unexpected hardship. Government can never be God. An as much as it may believe it is right in all it does. It can do at times,more harm than good, under the guise of good intentions. And even more, when it believes, there is no principle or code from which it issues its mandate.







A body is needed to experience life on earth. It’s the reason why abortion for those who believe in life, is an egregious sin, against the Will of God.  whether you believe in natural selection, or you believe in a Higher Order that’s aligned with the needs of  heaven and earth, the body is purposeful for our life experience.

None of us can ever know, what Jesus looked like. Artists are still rendering their understanding of His likeness. We needed to relate to a man whose image we would never truly know. And because we are in physical form, we need to have a form in which we can relate to Christ.

Artists are still rendering images of Him. Every country that prays to Him, will have an image, which closely resembles its people. With the 5 images above, there is a certain similarity. There is something in which we can relate. His countenance is pleasing, its soft, its friendly, non threatening. There is indeed a sense of sameness, even though each face, is completely different. Each face was painted because we have a need to see Him in physical form. These images, all represent the bodily image of Jesus. What they don’t portray, is the image of CHRIST. Just as your body, in no way, represents YOU. It houses you!

Many of us now know, there is a difference between ones body image, and that of our “self”.  Some people dislike their bodies image and struggle with this dislike for most of their lives. The Church sees homosexuals as part of this group. The focus being, more on the physical satisfaction of the body than understanding its temporary and spiritual purpose of balance and acceptance.

The images we see of Jesus, and even the use of the name Jesus, is our attachment to the body of CHRIST.Christs image and likeness, is that of His Father. It lives no longer in a personal body form. And we should relate to the aspects of Christ, that live beyond the physical, into the eternal. Yes, Christs body, rose with Him. It was the first time we know of, that a mans physical being, was transformed into a higher energy form. But once that happened, He was no longer Jesus..as was known on the earth. He was now known as THE CHRIST.

We no longer need to have a body image to relate to Him. We now can relate to His spiritual purpose, though the understanding of His character. We can  His Likeness, through the imitation of His character. Which was the our purpose in Him, all along.  If we worship His face, we can never see our Oneness in Him. If we see our face as Gods, we are dealing with a misinformed ego. However, if we live His character, we can indeed relate to the CHRIST, in whom our beings purpose, resides.

As a Resurrectionist, I have always found it hard to see myself, as a sinner. After all, if I believe  Christ died, to cleanse me of my sins…than what would the need be, that would inspire me towards good behavior? After all, we have been told, all we need do, is believe in Him, and we are saved. 

I believe I was saved, and yet I have always been complelled to continue to assess  my behavior. To refine my feelings or thoughts, so as to make sure, I would still be good in His Way. Yet, it was also that same belief, of being saved, that made it hard for me, to feel like a sinner. I remember listening to the words of “Amazing Grace”,  where it says..”  saved a wretch like me”. And I found that statement somewhat hard to acknowledge. I had little kinship to that word “wretch”. And although I could see the pain, of one who has sinned. I found it hard to understand the feeling of being a sinner.

I had loved Christ all my life. My belief in Him, meant that He has already forgiven me of my wrong doings.Even though I knew, that my sins would have to pass through Him, before I could go to God in my purest sense. I still, could never place myself, in the category of a “wretch”?

It is in fact, my belief in Him, as my Highest Self, that gave me the confidence and love of self, that in no way, could I feel that inferior

So if not sin, as my motive towards receiving a heavenly reward. Which, that too, was never my impetus towards being  good. Than what was my motivation? And why, me, and not more people moved to developing a better sense of themselves? Why dont more people strive with all their hearts, towards expressing a Higher GOOD?

   I believe it’s something we all have living within us. I believe, we are not complete, without the knowledge of the GOD, that dwells within us.

 I believe more in Him, than in myself. And because of my own sense of worth, I have to acknowledge its Creator. I have to honor the Soul, in Whom I will reside for all Eternity. I have to honor and acknowledge the CHRIST of my being. For without Him, all I would be, is an empty, unfeeling, vessel. Someone who goes through life, with little moments of happiness. With happiness, never being enjoyed as a constant.   A person who seeks the pleasures of the world, only to fill a void that seems never to be filled.

Without Him, there would be no me! And because of Him, I am eternally grateful. It’s because of the fulfilment of who I am, that I can be nothing other than GOOD. How can I live as a wretch, if CHRIST is ALIVE IN ME? And at the same time, how can I see myself greater than He who lives within me? I can not. Therefore, I have to provide for Him, a place within myself, that matches His Principles. I have to provide a mate, that will match His Character. I can not sin, for He will leave my temple. I cannot lie, for His Truth could not abide in my heart, if there were but one lie. I am inspired souly by my love of Christ. To be the best He has made me to be. And if we are all made in His image and likeness, than we too have Him, as our inspiration towards being GOOD.