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 The heart of a romantic is more one engaged in the love of love. Christ is not that. Christs love is not that of a romantic heart. It truly can’t be found in Shelly or Keats. Or for that matter, in most of the poetry of the Romantic Era. A time when flowery verse, and modest gestures spoke of love.

Nor can His Heart be likened to one of sorrow or sympathy, for that was left for His Mother to express.

The Heart of Christ is more the Heart of  a Lover whose arms are like wings, providing  comfort and strength, because His wings are solid in the LOVE OF TRUTH. When you are held in His Truth, love is its effect. Not a whimpering love or the cooing of a dove. But more the wings that soar like a Phoenix, who is not a myth, but a TRUTH.

He doesn’t whisper sweet nothings in your ear, so that you to feel loved. His love strengthens you, while it feels sweet. It comforts you, while you feel protected in its strength.  His WORD is His bond, because no lie can live where He IS.

Christ has been seen as a myth to some. As a religion to others. As a threat to many. And what threatens people is that He is not a myth, nor a religion..but rather a spiritual experience. A conversion in thought. A possession of character. He becomes visible, in you, through truth. This is how you can know the difference between the romantic and the reality of His being.

Without  His truth in you, your love will always be more a hope or a dream, a wish or a whisper. With His TRUTH living within you…His love becomes your ROCK.


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